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A special collaboration with @pinkdotsg
Giclee print | acid-free archival
This piece came through many layers of thought and hits really close to home. The lead graphic sees a pair of holding hands adorned with tattoos that represent the many different moments in LGBTQ+ history where the community was represented and visible alongside symbols and words we have reclaimed. These tattoos symbolise the progress we have made together as LGBTQ+ and allies, and together we celebrate these moments by (literally) wearing them on our skin. And with the hands raised up, the graphic bears semblance to the ally symbol.

Almost every member of the community has faced discrimination throughout their lives, and some of these words are featured in the background of this piece that served as inspiration for the lead graphic. The words are real. This is the reality for many in the community and proof that there is still discrimination. And despite all of this, we found each other and made this progress. Look how far we have come.

Thank you for reading this long text. This artwork means a lot to me, as if a piece of my heart was served on this print. Only 100 of these were made, each hand embellished, signed and numbered. All proceeds go to Pink Dot SG.