Sam Lo/ ‘SKL0’ is a visual artist based in Singapore with humble beginnings as a street artist. Dubbed the "Sticker Lady"- a nickname given by the city in reference to the saga that was birthed from their guerrilla work in the streets in 2012, Sam responds to the environment from which the work is created. Careful consideration is given to the context, setting, history and sensibilities of the subject matter in order to properly communicate and express its essence. This sensitivity and method of storytelling proves to be the artist’s strength, with the same sensibilities applied across different mediums from large scale murals to detailed illustrations to delicately hand-sculpted sculptures. Coupled with the artist’s signature style of vibrant colours and complex compositions, Sam’s pieces strive to illustrate the fabric of our society through art.

Sam has shown their works in galleries and publicly both locally and internationally, from Art Central Hong Kong to Lodhi Art Colony in New Delhi. They have also been commissioned by Nike, Casio, Riot Games and Playstation to name a few. Beyond their role as a visual artist, Sam was also the Art Director for CHINGAY 2023.


Selected Media: 

Tatler Asia, July 2023: Artist Sam Lo reflects on identity, art and pride 10 years after his brush with the law