City That Never Sleeps

'2065' group show at Ultrasupernew Gallery, curated by Humanoise
City That Never Sleeps

Mixed media collage (wood, acrylic, acrylic paint, spray paint, aluminium, vinyl)
Part of the '2065' group show at Ultrasupernew Gallery, curated by Humanoise

In the neon-lit streets of Geylang, a sprawling metropolis transformed by the relentless march of time, the year was 2065. Technology and humanity had fused into a strange coexistence. Once-thriving high-tech cities had risen and fallen, leaving behind a world where technology no longer served but enabled human desires. Inhabitants lived plugged into virtual realms, while their bodies indulged in artificial pleasures.

The Koel bird, an embodiment of nature and technology, had a solemn duty. It kept a watchful eye on the relentless and monotonous rhythm of the city. Its digital calls, harmonizing with the hum of electric arteries and neon veins, marked the passage of time and the ceaseless cycle of existence in this cyberpunk realm. It was a living paradox, a relic of the past fused with the wonders of the future, bearing witness to a world where humanity and technology were no longer separate entities, but intertwined threads in this grand tapestry.

This artwork blends CNC-cut wood and AI-assisted digital illustrations with hand-painted elements, symbolizing the marriage of technology and tradition. Created by a human artist, this writeup is authored by ChatGPT.