Loosey Goosey

Solo exhibition at UltraSuperNew Gallery, Singapore, 2023
Loosey Goosey

Welcome to "Loosey Goosey": A Mostly Fun & Slightly Unhinged, Not So Serious Solo Exhibition by Sam Lo ‘SKL0’

Explore the vibrant world of urban visual artist Sam Lo 'SKL0’ in their 5th solo show, "Loosey Goosey." The show revisits the artist's street culture roots as they reconnect with their playful nature before the transformative Sticker Lady saga in 2012. Departing from their recognizable commercial commissions and embracing a style of art-making reminiscent of their earliest forays into street art, this exhibition showcases an approach that melds together the past and present, combining older pieces with newer, experimental works. Through the use of colour and composition, Sam merges their artistic evolution presenting a visual harmony that embodies their unique creative DNA.

With every piece, Sam delves deeper into their inner child, a profound journey of self-discovery that resonates throughout this exhibition. "Loosey Goosey" embodies a heartfelt exploration into the artist's process through their style evolution, embracing the joyful spirit of their artistic endeavours.

"Loosey Goosey" offers a rare glimpse into the artist's journey of rediscovery, where playful innocence and artistic maturity converge in a remarkable display of colour, form, and narrative.